A mother and son who separated 35 years ago are reunited.

The 5-year-old son is now forty-year-old middle-aged, but the affection between mother and child has not changed.

Reporter Min-jun Kim covered the miracle after 35 years confirmed by genetics.


Three days ago, mother Kim Mo met her son Kim Gun-woong again after 35 years.

Standing in front of my son, who is now a middle-aged from a 5-year-old child, I still can't control my overwhelming heart.

[Mr. Kim/Mother: There were only tears.

I think I'm going to cry even now.

I couldn't even imagine.

That we will meet again.]

[Kim Gun-woong/Son: It was like a dream, so I couldn't sleep well.]

Kim, who divorced her husband in 1984, took care of her son who had been in a car accident for more than a year in the hospital room.

However, Kim, who had no custody, had to be separated from her son when her mother-in-law notified her that she would adopt her son to another house.

[Mr. Kim / Mother: Mother-in-law told me not to look for her child.

She told me not to look for her as an adopted child...


I still regret it now that I took care of him without custody and left.] After missing his

son for over 30 years, Mr. Kim finally visited the police station in early January and registered the gene.

After waiting over two months, he was able to hear the good news.

This is because Kim Geon-woong has already registered twice in order to find his mother, in 2000, when he was in high school, and in 2015, right after he got married.

[Kim Gun-woong / Son: Her mother said that she found me late.

I was just waiting for the day I would meet my mother.]

A dramatic reunion took place as the police confirmed the results of the two people's National Forensic Service.

[Yang Dong-il / Seongdong-seo Missing Investigation Team Leader: He lived with different personal information, so the record could not be found.

So he took the mother's gene and asked the Children's Rights Agency to analyze it.]

The son expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped by saying that he would live the filial piety he had been putting off.

[Kim Gun-woong / Son: He appeared on TV and appeared on TV.

I've got to find my mother.

She had a dream of reunion.

It was also a big disappointment.

I'm afraid it won't happen.

DNA is all right.

I am so grateful to God.]

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)