A voter who came to vote at a polling place in Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do could not vote because his ballot had already been distributed.

It was confirmed that the National Election Commission erroneously informed that the voters could not vote, although they should have given them an opportunity to vote in order to guarantee the voter's right to vote, even if it is revealed later on whether there is cheating.

At about 8:30 am today (the 9th), Mr. A, who came to vote at the second polling place in Jungang-dong, located in the Jungang-dong Administrative Welfare Center in Osan-si, tried to sign the electoral roll, which was supposed to be filled out by hand, from the voting clerk, "It is said that you have already voted." was instructed.

There are 'A' and 'B' fields in the signature field of the electoral register. In general, voters who cast this vote write their name in the blank 'A' field and receive a ballot paper.

Voters who have completed early voting are written in the 'A' column that they voted in advance, and the 'B' column is actually a remark column, which is used only when there are special circumstances.

However, Mr. A's name was already written correctly in column 'A' of the electoral register.

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At 8:49 a.m., voting clerks inquired about actions through a social media chat room where Election Commission officials were participating. guided.

After hearing this explanation, Mr. A protested, saying, "I'm on my way to work at a company in Yongin, so I definitely wanted to vote, so why did this happen?" and went back.

However, 23 minutes later, the National Election Commission overturned the measures by calling the polling station manager and saying, "Give out the ballot once and let them vote."

However, Mr. A had already left the polling place.

A clerk at the polling station said, "In this case, when training the election clerk, I think I was told to sign the 'I' box and to guide them to vote after receiving a confirmation that there is something special. I did that countless times,” he said.

Regarding the question of whether the identification of the voters who voted in the name of person A for the first time was insufficient, he said, "Identification officials say they thoroughly checked the date of birth and ID, and there is no person with the same name of person A in our polling place, so I don't know what happened." added.

An official from the Gyeonggi Provincial Election Commission replied, "We have been informed of this fact," and "We are investigating the facts in a number of cases, such as when someone cheated on Mr. A's ID."

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