Police are investigating an incident in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, where a female college student in her 20s jumped from a running taxi and was hit by a car following her and died.

According to the Gyeongbuk Pohang Northern Police Station today (8th), University student A boarded a taxi run by a taxi driver in his 60s near Pohang Honghae-Hub KTX Pohang Station around 8:45 pm on the 4th.

Mr. A's boyfriend, who was with Mr. A before boarding, asked the taxi driver to take him to the university dormitory where Mr. A was attending, but he did not ride with them.

However, the taxi originally ran in a different direction than the college dormitory that Mr. A's boyfriend said.

After asking if it was okay to get out of the car, Mr. A jumped out of a running taxi and was hit by an SUV that was following him and was taken to the hospital, but eventually died.

During the police investigation, the taxi driver stated, "I misunderstood the destination and ran to another university dormitory."

At the same time, it is said that Mr. A asked, "Can I get out of the car?" and said that he jumped out of a running taxi.

Police said that at the time, the black box confirmed that the taxi driver misunderstood the answer to the university dormitory other than the university that Mr. A's boyfriend was talking about.

Based on the taxi driver's statement, the police believe that it is possible that Mr. A jumped out of a moving car to escape due to a misunderstanding in the communication process and is investigating the circumstances.

Among them, a netizen who said that he was the younger brother of Mr. A, who died, posted on the bulletin board of the Blue House petition on the 7th, 'Why did my 20-year-old sister have to jump out of a running taxi, I want to correct the death of my bright and healthy sister'. I posted a post.

In the article, he wrote, "My sister conveyed her extreme anxiety to her boyfriend through KakaoTalk in a situation where she was heading to an unfamiliar place, and in a phone call to her boyfriend to inform him of her situation, even a voice saying, 'Please stop, man,' was delivered, but the taxi driver did not respond. There was no,” he claimed.

"My older sister felt extreme fear and life threatening in a fast-moving vehicle, so she chose to jump out of the car," he said.

Meanwhile, the petition is currently unavailable as of 2pm on the 8th.