There is no doubt that the hamburger,

an icon of American gastronomy

, is still in fashion.

Of uncertain origin, there are theories for all tastes: that it all started in the 13th century with the meat that Genghis Khan's soldiers put under their saddles;

What if it was the German emigrants (from Hamburg) who, in the second half of the 19th century, brought to the US a version of their meatballs (



Regardless of its origin, the truth is that this format of meat between bread is as popular and global as pizza and has gone from being queen of

fast food

to gourmet bite


To the consolidated hamburger offer of the capital, brands are now added that, coming from other towns, open a place here.


are also those that open stores or make their debut in the


universe .

For having, there are even Michelin stars.

Here are more than half a dozen new sites.

'Violence', in The Circle.




are the


with which

the Michelin star Carlos Maldonado

(Raíces, Talavera de la Reina) has set out to "burst Madrid"... And at home, because the brand was born here -better reborn, since it emerged during the worst times of the pandemic in the kitchen of his starry dining room and because he continues to triumph in his hometown- as a delivery.

Each of their burgers has a different type of meat

, from Manchego lamb to bull, going through a

mix of three heads (

pork, cow and sheep), all selected at origin by the winner of

MasterChef 3


The "great difference of the proposal", as the chef says, is that

they are seasoned and macerated in some cases with up to 36 spices and with their own times


The brand, inspired by the nine circles of hell from the

Divine Comedy

, starts in the capital with

four hamburgers, all inside a brioche bun:


, with bull meat and a fried egg;


, a double burger with pork, beef and sheep meat and double onion rings inside the




, beef with cheese, crispy bacon and smoked bacon bolognese, and


, a


with free-range chicken and pickled jalapeños.

Price: from 11.95 to 14 euros.

Orders in Glovo.

The Eight Burger.


Jesús Mármol -body and soul of Yugo

(his Japanese restaurant with a Michelin star since 2019)- landed last December at the exclusive Canalejas Gallery with a double proposal: Monchis, a Mexican with Japanese philosophy, and The Eight, a place dedicated to la brasa, with an informal proposal

where the queens are the "haute cuisine hamburgers", explains the chef.

In this


, as in the rest of its brands, the common thread is the

first and exclusive genre

, with which they prepare, for example, the wagyu


(190 grams and with ferrarini cheese, poached onion and teriyaki and valentina sauces );

beef (150 grams


Guadarrama meat with cheese and poached onion);

black cod

(macerated in miso, with leek and kizami sauce)


beef with cheddar and jalapeños) or free-range chicken in tempura with sour sauce.

All are accompanied by a side of potatoes with carbonara sauce.

Price: from 18 to 26 euros.

Alcala, 12.


It is a more than consolidated brand: it already has six stores (one only for

take away

and delivery) in Madrid, the last one

recently opened in the renovated San Antón Market

(hence its inclusion in this news report);

He proudly wears a solete from the Repsol Guide and one of his creations -


- was chosen as the best hamburger in Spain in 2019.

They make them every day with meat from La Finca that

they themselves select and mince.

Escorted with quality ingredients

(truffle, Iberian bacon... and a fluffy brioche bread), they have the same amount of meat: 220 grams.

Of the seven proposals on their menu,

the star is their award-winning version of the classic bacon


(with secret dressing and Iberian bacon marinated in Coca-Cola and Four Roses), although

La Juanita

, with pico de gallo, habanero and avocado, and the limited edition hamburger that is changing;

La Alpina is available this month, created in collaboration with Formaje

, the fashionable cheese boutique in the capital.

Price: 13-14 euros.

Augusto Figueroa, 24 (San Antón Market).

The Fitzgeralds.


He landed in Madrid from Valencian lands last September and did it in a big way.

In three weeks, this firm

opened three stores: in the capital, in Alcalá de Henares and in Las Rozas


They make their hamburgers with fresh meat from animals "raised with 100% plant-based food and under animal welfare conditions," the brand indicates, and

cook them in Josper ovens with charcoal embers


Its wide range -17 types, including a special one that changes every month- includes the

Dry Aged Burgers

, with 100% beef from

the Esla Valley and matured for 32 days

, and the


(diners can choose between those made from of vegetables; the

Burger NoChicken

, with soy and pea protein, or the

Burger NoBeef

, from soy and wheat protein).

In addition,

throughout the year they incorporate new limited edition recipes


Price: 18-20 euros.

Brazil Avenue, 14;

Av. de Don Juan Tenorio (CC Quadernillos, Alcalá de Henares) and José Echegaray, 11 (CC El Palmeral, Las Rozas).

Blessed Burger


Less than a year ago,

David Durán and José Manuel Salinero transferred

their hamburger concept to Chamberí, with which they were successful -and continue to be successful- in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo):


made with meat from the Galician, Simmental, Angus and charra de Salamanca,

raised on their own livestock in the town of Toledo


Every day, the meat is minced and the hamburgers are molded by hand in its open kitchen and in full view of the diner, with which "he

sees how we treat all the ingredients,"

explains Durán.



of your 14




La Castiza

(a nod to the Madrid landing),

Duck Station




Traidora Dry Age


Simmental ribeye meat aged for a minimum of 50 days


All are served inside brioche, glass or rustic bread and all have the gluten-free option, "since we have an assembly line that

avoids cross-contamination

, fryers and gluten-free griddles," concludes Durán.

Average price: 13 euros.

Cardinal Cisneros, 11.

Frankie Cheese Bacon, at Frankie Burgers.


Another landing in the capital, in this case, from

Alcalá de Henares, where this

American-inspired banner of Monio Group, a company with seven establishments in the Madrid city, was born during the state of alarm.

The Chamberí headquarters replicates the concept of the older sister, which has

the icon of the hamburger restaurant in

Frankie Cheese Bacon


Made every day, with cuts of beef from selected breeds (among them, from


) chopped by hand, the proposal revolves around

quality and simplicity


Hence the rest of the letter are versions of


Frankie Cheese Bacon:

with homemade chili meat, with goat cheese or different homemade sauces.

The proposal (eight hamburgers) is completed with one chicken and one vegetarian.

Price: from 9.90 to 13.90 euros.

Ponzano, 46.

Smash burger, from Vice.


We started with a new delivery and a winner of


and ended with another innovative proposal at home, Vicio, and

another winner of the same

talent show

, Aleix Puig

, who has transferred to the capital the delivery version of the

successful business and establishment of hamburgers that has in Barcelona


The menu offers six


burgers -




which are made by crushing the ball of minced meat directly on the grill

, a very popular technique

in the United States-, from the


to the


, passing through the

BBQ Bacon

and the



The hamburger proposal is completed with one chicken and two vegan.

They are accompanied by fries.

Average price: 15 euros.

Orders in Glovo.

Alfredo's Barbecue.

A walk through some classic sites

From small neighborhood stores to renowned chains, including pioneers in bringing this emblematic bite of American cuisine to the capital.

Madrid is a very burger-loving city that has a good handful of

addresses already consolidated and considered essential on any route

featuring this already universal minced meat sandwich.

Here are some (just a few) of these places whose names are synonymous with



We start with

Alfredo's Barbacoa

, that little corner of the United States that Alfred Gradus opened in the capital in 1981, where his spectacular grilled hamburgers reigned -and still reign-, always among the favorites of the people of Madrid.

This list cannot miss

La Bistroteca

, in the Salamanca district, where they make the "best gourmet burger in Spain", winner of the Burger Combat (contest held last October at the Salón Gourmets);

New York Burger,

the artisan and


-style snacks that 13 years after conquering Madrid's palates continue to triumph;

the always original ones that they prepare at

Mad Grill/Mad Café


SteakBuuger's Original Burger

More tracks with past and present:

Knight 'n' Squire

, a


one from the capital that is now being renewed, and another also traditional,

Cafeteria HD


And there are more names with the gourmet bet as a flag:

Hamburger Nostra




Queen Burger




Home Burger Bar



, which competes in the second edition of the Best Burger Spain contest with its

Original SteakBurger,

with meat matured for 40 days..


The list goes on...

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