Rappers Noel and Jang Yong-jun, who were handed over to trial for refusing a breathalyzer test and assaulting and abusing a police officer, were reported to have been detained in a single living room at the Seoul Detention Center, sparking a controversy over preferential treatment.

Yesterday, a media reported that Jang, who was arrested in October of last year, has been detained in a single living room at the Seoul Detention Center for five months until now.

It is known that some inmates claim that Jang's father is receiving special favors because he is a member of the People's Strength Council, Jang Je-won.

In the past, politicians, chaebol heads, celebrities, etc. were mainly accommodated in single living rooms in correctional facilities, causing controversy over preferential treatment.

There are also opinions that it is difficult to see it as a privilege.

It is said that Mr. Jang, who has a high level of social interest, may have friction with other inmates, so the detention center may have chosen to live alone for the convenience of management.

In response, Mr. Jang's side did not know why the correctional authorities made this decision, and claimed that he was not given preference. Rather, he countered that he was experiencing inconvenience with the 24-hour CCTV installed in his living room.