Dated July 15, 1976, this Apple Computer Company check is made out to Kierulff Electronics for $3,430.

The check was issued the same month as Wozniak's demonstration of the first Apple-1 prototype at the Homebrew Computer Company in Palo Alto, California.

The auction site says that, based on the date, it was likely used to pay for parts used to assemble the second batch of Apple-1 computers.

So far, the check has been bid for over $45,000, with the next bid set for over $50,000.

It could sell for more given that auctions end on March 18.

The journey of Steve Jobs in a few objects

The check is part of a themed sale that aims to trace the history of personal computers through documents and objects.

There are prototypes and early examples of computer mice created by Doug Engelbart, prototypes of


from the collection of its creator Allan Alcorn, as well as original Apple devices.

In addition to the check, RR Auction is selling a yearbook signed by Steve Jobs, photos of him as a freshman in college, an Atari job application signed by Steve Jobs, the price of which is expected to exceed $300,000, business cards of Steve Jobs and other signed memorabilia.

All auctions will end on March 18.


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