The funeral of the victims of the collapse of Hwajeong I-Park in Gwangju started yesterday (25th).

45 days after the accident, the bereaved family faced the picture of the young man and shed tears, saying, "An accident like this must never happen again." 

This is KBC reporter Jo Yoon-jung.


A funeral home in Seo-gu, Gwangju, where a burial place for the victims of the Hwajeong I-Park collapse was prepared.

A white chrysanthemum flower is placed in front of a mortuary with the names of the victims on it.

Citizens visiting the joint incense burner silently bow their heads in remembrance of the victims.

Families who face the picture of the portrait for the first time in 45 days after the collapse burst into tears.

[Family of the victims of the collapse

always by your side

When it's hard, say 'father.'] The

victims' families and citizens earnestly hoped that such an accident would never happen again.

[Ahn Jung-ho / Representative of Victims' Family Council: It's late, but I think I'm really lucky that I can send it to a warm place now, and such a ridiculous accident should never happen again in Gwangju or in Korea...


Of the five victims who are having a funeral, four were set up here in Gwangju, and the other burial place was set up at Gangneung Medical Center.

The funeral will be held on the morning of the 27th, and the victims will be enshrined in Yeongnak Park in Gwangju and Cheongsol Park in Gangneung.