Teachers at a daycare center at Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province were handed over to the prosecution on charges of abusing 11 children.

Parents who confirmed the abuse demanded follow-up measures from the Army Training Center, but they were told to wait for several months.

Reporter Suwon-wook Suwon reports exclusively.


Mr. A, who was sending his child to a daycare center run by the Army Training Center in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province, witnessed a shocking scene in July of last year.

During one of his outdoor activities, a daycare teacher was beating his child.

[The victim's mother, Mr. A: There was a fight with a friend about wanting to do something with each other.

At that time, I slapped my daughter in the arm and screamed a lot.]

To check if there were any more assaults, I requested an indoor CCTV video, but the daycare center refused.

[Mother A of the victim child: You say you are not sure that this will not happen again.

But you can't show CCTV.

That's why I'm a little puzzled.]

After receiving reports from parents including Mr. A, the police analyzed CCTV for two months, and as a result, it was revealed that there were 25 abuses against 11 children.

[Mother B of the victim child: Hit the teacher like this from behind.

But, don't do it, don't do it two or three times, and in the end, he turned the child upside down like this.] The

police sent the two nursery school teachers who assaulted them to the prosecution with the opinion of indictment earlier this month.

Parents requested the dismissal of the head of the daycare center, who was responsible for management, and the support for psychological treatment for the victimized children, twice in August and December last year.

But it was all about waiting.

[Mom of victim C: To be honest, there was a part where I was a little worried because this is also the groom's unit.

But the unit keeps telling us to wait for us.]

When SBS coverage began, the Army Training Center said that support for victims, etc., would be possible only after the prosecution's investigation results came out.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Lee Jung-taek)