<Anchor> The

number of additional COVID-19 cases has exceeded 170,000.

It is counted that the number of people who were confirmed to be confirmed on the 23rd on the 23rd had already exceeded 130,000 as of 6 pm a little while ago.

Although the number of confirmed cases is increasing at a faster rate than expected, the government said there is no need to fear, and said that if the number of severe cases and deaths is stably managed, the quarantine policy can be changed in a big way.

First news, this is reporter Jung Da-eun.

<Reporter> The number of

new confirmed cases of 170,000 has almost doubled compared to the same day last week.

Based on 'World Omometer', an international statistical site, there were the highest number of confirmed cases in the world yesterday.

The rate of increase is also fast.

Domestic analysis agencies predicted more than 130,000 people as of today, and more than 170,000 people on the 2nd of the following month a week later, which is about a week earlier.

The number of confirmed cases at the peak, expected in the middle of next month, is also likely to be larger than the forecast of 'up to 270,000'.

But the government has urged us not to be afraid.

[Kim Bu-gyeom/Prime Minister: As in the past, I want to make it clear that there is no need to feel excessive fear or fear with only the number of confirmed cases.]

The main reason is that the cumulative fatality rate of Omicron is low at 0.18%, especially in the case of the third dose of vaccine. It has dropped to 0.08%, which is similar to the seasonal flu, which is between 0.05 and 0.1%.

[Sohn Young-rae / Head of Social Strategy Division, Central Accident Resolving Headquarters: In the mid-to-long term, Omicron has a significantly lower fatality rate than Delta (the spread of Omicron).

The government announced that it would reorganize its quarantine policy in a broad framework, such as distancing if it is determined that the number of perjury patients and deaths can be managed stably.

But now, the number of patients with severe severe disease has exceeded 500 again in 35 days, and the death toll yesterday was 99, the fourth highest in history.

Meanwhile, the Daegu District Court cited some of the plaintiff's application in the application to suspend the enforcement of the quarantine pass submitted by about 300 Daegu citizens against the city of Daegu.

Accordingly, Daegu City has suspended quarantine passes for restaurants and cafes for the first time in the country for the next month. 

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Lee So-young)

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