Kimchi is drawing attention on a poster posted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan to celebrate the signing of a memorandum of understanding between South Korea and Taiwan recognizing international driver's licenses.

South Korea and Taiwan finally signed the MOU for mutual recognition of international driver's licenses on the 17th, simplifying the process, such as allowing you to drive only if you have an international driver's license issued by your country before visiting the other country. 

Accordingly, on the 19th local time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan announced the signing of an agreement for mutual recognition of international driver's licenses with Korea through its official social media account and posted a related poster.

The posted poster had the English expression 'KIMCHI' written along with cabbage kimchi, and contained a picture of a car bearing the license plate 'Taiwan'.

Recently, some parts of China claim that the origin of kimchi is 'pao chai', a Chinese pickled vegetable dish, and while anti-Chinese sentiment is spreading in Korea, the Taiwanese government has publicly stated that 'Kimchi is Korea's suzerain'. 

Earlier, on the 9th (local time), the US embassy in Korea also announced that a resolution to make November 22nd every year as 'Kimchi Day' was passed at the Virginia State Assembly on the 9th (local time) and said, "The best way to commemorate 'Kimchi Day' Please recommend".

The Virginia State House of Representatives Irene Shin (Representative), and Representative Mark L. Kim and Representatives Marcus Simon (Marcus Simon) participated in the resolution to enact the Virginia Kimchi Day, the popularity of kimchi in the United States. , the history of kimchi, the excellence of kimchi as a health food, and the content that Korea is the origin of kimchi.

In the resolution, UNESCO recognized Korea's 'kimjang', the process of preparing and preserving kimchi, as an intangible cultural heritage, and it also stated that November 22 was established as 'Kimchi Day' in Virginia every year.

China's 'cultural fairness', including the controversy over 'Kimchi', led to the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in hanbok and short track bias, heightening anti-Chinese sentiment. Raise the hand of Korea and win the hearts of Koreans. 

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(Photo=Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Facebook page of the US Embassy in Korea)