The Faïencerie de Gien (Loiret) has been facing a cyberattack since February 10.

Yves de Talhouët, CEO of the company, told La République du Center that the computers were blocked in the morning when the employees arrived.

The pottery's computer system has been infected with malware that makes certain data inaccessible.

The hacker(s) have made a ransom demand, the amount of which has not yet been communicated by the authorities.

Shops remain open

The boss, who has received the help of cybersecurity experts, assured that this attack has so far had no impact on production.

The shops, in particular that of Gien, are always open.

On the other hand, customer files, orders, software are unusable.

A message on the site of the pottery thus warns customers of a slowdown in the processing of orders and shipments.

A complaint was filed with the police.

The interregional direction of the judicial police of Bordeaux has opened an investigation, reports France Bleu Orléans.

In this case, it can rely on the C3N, the center for the fight against digital crime.

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