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  • The 7 best series that you cannot miss in February

In addition to news,


platforms such as

Netflix, Filmin or Amazon Prime Video

also have

series that leave their catalogs

for different reasons.

Here are 6 that are very worthwhile

WOMEN (Filmin, until February 27)

Félix Sabroso and the remembered Dunia Ayaso

wrote and directed the chapters of a drama that was highly applauded when it passed through La2.

Everyday stories, hard situations in some cases, which proved that

'another type of series' was possible in 2007 in our country


And, eye, produced by the Almodóvar brothers.

DAREDEVIL (Netflix, until February 28)

Many series produced by Marvel will leave the Netflix catalog on February 28.

Among others, productions like

Luke Cage,

Jessica Jones


Iron Fist


The Punisher




, in which a

blind lawyer

transforms each night to become a

vigilante in New York City.

A CRIME HAS BEEN WRITTEN (Amazon Prime Video, through February 28)

Angela Lansbury

, at 96, is still remembered by many for her role as an investigator in a series that ran for 12 seasons.

In them, the

writer Jessica Fletcher

became the only person capable of solving a crime that drove law enforcement officers crazy.

A delight with an unforgettable tune.

Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here

POSE (Netflix, until February 28)

Ryan Murphy




American Horror Story

) is one of the minds behind this production that

claims sexual freedom and tells us about characters who have many dreams to fulfill

In the

New York of the 80s

, the night becomes the perfect territory for brilliant artists to succeed in a society where everything seemed possible.

APOCALYPSE: THE SECOND WORLD WAR (Filmin, until February 28)

Distant in time,

World War II

still has many 'lessons' that we must take into account so as not to fall into the same mistakes.


documentary series recalls passages from that tragedy

with images (originally recorded in black and white and which have been coloured) of massacres, explosions, attacks and civilians who suffered the horror of the conflict firsthand.

SONS OF ANARCHY (Amazon Prime Video, through February 27)

A series that has 'bikers' in love but also those who enjoy, in essence,

a drama full of well-drawn and better-acted characters.

In this story we discover

a group of bikers

who have acted outside the law on numerous occasions... until one of its members tries to break that ascending line.

Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here

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