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, understood as 'a catastrophic situation, caused by natural or human agents, that evokes the image of total destruction' has shaped action series that excite fans of the genre.

Here are

7 examples of it



The Walking Dead

, which comes to an end this year.

WE'RE DEAD (Netflix)


Of the many adjectives that could be used to define this recent Netflix success, one of them would be 'brutal'.

This is the only way to understand what a

Korean series is like that shows an infection that threatens young people at an institute

with a very specific apocalypse.

But apocalypse after all.

And with infected that run and exhibit a strength that has rarely been seen on screen.


The mother of all zombie series comes to an end.

Starting February 21, the grand story of unlikely heroes struggling to escape with their lives in endless ambushes kicks off its final season.

To avoid spoilers, the adventures of

Rick, Daryl, Carol or Maggie

(we won't say when) have marked many fans of the genre who were looking for something different.

And that this series and spin-offs and sequels like

Fear The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead: World Beyond

has more than fulfilled.

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Mackenzie Davis (

Terminator: Dark Fate

), Himesh Patel (


) and Gael García Bernal are some of the stars that appear in this

miniseries in which a virus manages to drastically reduce

the number of human beings on our planet.

Without fanfare, the plot focuses on

how those who are still alive try to manage their situation

and a society made up of people with enthusiasm and hope.

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If there is something that is terrifying in this series, it is that only in the last chapter do we begin to know what is really going on.

That is, what is the reason for all kinds of

people to react badly to the possibility that the world will change forever.

The chapters,

shot in a single shot-sequence

, generate concern by presenting anonymous citizens willing to do anything to save their skin.


The first chapters of this science fiction series are pure entertainment.

A waste of special effects and action scenes in which we

discover the Cylons as robots that have practically annihilated the entire human race.

Only a few small spaceships, like the Battlestar Galactica destroyer of the title, have managed to leave the planet in time.

Later, infiltrated Cylons will try to kill them all, giving rise to an

almost detective intrigue and different vital reflections.

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THE STRAIN (Disney+)

Produced, created and directed in several chapters by Guillermo del Toro

, this series presented an apocalyptic situation in New York.

And, to be more exact, limited to certain points and at night.

Those responsible were

vampires who spread a disease capable of turning humans into monsters.

This 2014 production had four seasons and had amazing action scenes, although it stretched the personal stories too much.

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On a visual level, this series made up of short-lived chapters is a marvel.

Different animation techniques, authors from different backgrounds and

self-contained stories help the viewer let their imagination

run wild and believe that the apocalypse will be full of robots (as seen in

Three Robots

), giant cockroaches (


) or relentless killers (

Snow in the Desert


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