The train broke down at Seoul Station on Seoul Subway Line 1 and the operation was suspended for nearly 30 minutes, causing great inconvenience to passengers.

According to the Seoul Transportation Corporation, an empty car on the way back to the garage at Seoul Station on Subway Line 1 suddenly stopped at around 5:40 pm on the 19th.

KAC tried to resume operation after repairing the broken vehicle, but the vehicle did not continue to move, and the upbound vehicle to Cheongnyangni and Uijeongbu did not operate at all for nearly 30 minutes.

Passengers in the preceding vehicle that had stopped during the repair also suffered inconvenience, such as being unable to get out of the vehicle for 30 minutes.

Since then, the train service has been disrupted, with the interval between trains more than doubled for upbound traffic on Line 1 for nearly an hour.

The Seoul Transportation Corporation announced that train operation had returned to normal around 6:50 pm.

A construction official explained, "We plan to determine the exact cause of the failure."

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)