In the process of lobbying for the Daejang-dong development and investigating allegations of preferential treatment, it is reported that the prosecution secured a statement from lawyer Nam Wook that Mr.

In the process of investigating lawyer Nam in October of last year, the investigation team in charge of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office secured a statement to the effect that 'Mr.

According to him, in 2012, Mr. Bae, the owner of Cheonhwa-dongin No. 7 and a junior of Mr. Kim's media, had prepared 200 million won for a meal, and Mr. Kim said that he would deliver it through the aide of Assemblyman A and received it.

In the prosecution investigation, lawyer Nam said that Kim took the money, but it did not work, and he did not get the money back after that, and it is said that he mentioned the possibility of a 'delivery accident'.

It is known that the prosecution secured the testimony of lawyer Nam and confirmed the facts, but did not find any specific suspicions.

Mr. Kim's side said, "There is no such fact," and the aide of Parliamentarian A also denied all the allegations, saying, "I do not know Mr. Kim at all."

Prosecutors also secured statements stating that the developers of Daejang-dong delivered 100 million won to a religious group at the request of a former member of the Democratic Party who ran for the general election at the same time, but it is said that they also found that there was no suspicion.