While the sales channel for the COVID-19 self-test kit was limited to pharmacies and convenience stores, it was confirmed that the daily handling volume per pharmacy was limited to 50 this week.

However, next week, the quantity may vary depending on the distribution situation.

According to the Korean Pharmaceutical Association today (15th), the maximum amount of self-test kits per day that a pharmacy can receive from a self-test kit wholesaler until this week is limited to 2 bundles in case of large-capacity packaging of 25 pieces.

If you receive 2 bundles of 20 pieces, you can receive additional products that the manufacturer made and supplied in small packaging from the beginning, such as 1, 2, or 5 pieces. I did.

The amount needed for public areas such as screening clinics is supplied and the surplus is distributed to the private sector.

As a result, pharmacies in places with a large floating population are running out of self-test kits.

Although the number of purchases per person is limited to 5, there is no restriction on the number of purchases per day by a single consumer, traveling to various places.

In the midst of this, some pharmacies are protesting the government's setting the price of each self-test kit at 6,000 won, and there are voices saying that they will not handle the product at all.

The complaint is that even though subdivision work has been added, it should be sold at a lower price than the existing price.

(Photo = Yonhap News)