Starting today (15th), the price of each COVID-19 self-test kit sold in small disassembled parts at pharmacies and convenience stores will be fixed at 6,000 won.

From the 17th, online sales of all self-inspection kits, including inventory, will be banned.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has set the selling price of the COVID-19 self-test kit supplied in large-capacity packaging from today to the 5th of next month at 6,000 won.

This period may change in the future depending on monitoring results.

This measure is for products that are supplied to pharmacies and convenience stores in bulk packaging units of 20 or more and are sold individually in stores.

Selling price designation does not apply to products manufactured and supplied by the manufacturer in small batches (1 piece, 2 pieces, 5 pieces) from the beginning.

However, for the time being, as manufacturers have decided to manufacture only large-capacity packaging products to increase logistics and delivery efficiency, most consumers are purchasing from pharmacies and 7 convenience stores nationwide (Ministop, 7-Eleven, Storyway, E-Mart 24, Seaspace, CU, GS25). Corona 19 self-test kits subdivided from 50,000 affiliated stores will be purchased at 6,000 won each.

If a retailer sells a self-test kit at a price of more than 6,000 won, it may be prosecuted for violating distribution improvement measures pursuant to Article 19 of the Public Health Crisis Response Act.

In addition, from the 17th of this month to the 5th of next month, the online sale of self-test kits is completely prohibited.

The stock will be available for sale online through tomorrow, but from the 17th this will only be available at pharmacies and convenience stores.

Limited to 5 purchases per person.

If pharmacies and convenience stores only sell products in 2-packs, you can only buy 2 packs of 2-packs, and so on.

There is no limit to how many times a day a person can travel to many places.

CU and GS25 Convenience stores will be shipped sequentially from this afternoon to over 30,000 convenience stores, so you can purchase them from merchants nationwide tomorrow.

From the 17th, it will be available for purchase at over 13,000 ministop and 7-Eleven convenience stores.

The rest of the chain affiliates are expected to take an additional week to prepare.

Pharmacies nationwide are already selling self-test kits.

(Photo = Yonhap News)