Food prices are rising one after another due to the sharp rise in prices.

Alcohol prices were no exception.

The supply price of imported beer, Tsingtao, will increase by up to 12%.

From this month, the sale price at convenience stores was raised from 10,000 won for 4 cans to 11,000 won.

Imported beer Guinness is also on sale at an increased price from this month.

Domestic beer is no different.

Craft beer Jeju Beer has increased its supply price by 10% starting this month.

If the beer liquor tax is raised from April, domestic beer prices such as Terra and Cass are expected to rise.

Bottle cap makers also raised the price of soju bottle caps by an average of 16% on the 1st.

It is said that there is a high possibility of raising the price of soju due to the burden of raw and subsidiary material costs.

In the meantime, when the price of beer and soju rises, restaurants usually raise the price by 1,000 won per bottle, including the increase in labor costs.