As the number of patients increases sharply, the home care treatment system will also change from tomorrow (10th).

Many confirmed patients now have to check their physical condition and take care of their health.

If your symptoms get worse, you can call your local hospital for help, but the problem is that it's hard to know where this is possible near your home.

Correspondent Kim Deok-hyeon reports.


Mr. A is quarantined at home for five days after being diagnosed with Corona.

Starting tomorrow, there is no place that tells you which hospital to contact if you become ill.

[Mr. A/patient at home: (on the government website) there is no explanation on how to use it, just a list of hospitals.

Should I just call this hospital or make a reservation (there is no guidance...)]

I live alone, and even my family living separately has been confirmed and there is no one to bring me medicine.

Mr. A called the doctor posted on the app through a private app containing hospital information, and prescribed and delivered antipyretic drugs.

[Mr. A/patient at home: A single-person household like me has no way to move right now.

Do I have to say it feels a little abandoned?] The

government says that you can find hospitals that can provide treatment by phone on the website of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, but the list of local hospitals and clinics that even provide medical care, except for respiratory clinics, is not organized.

In addition, there are not many hospitals and clinics participating yet, so it is uncertain whether they will be able to handle the influx of phone treatment.

Some hospitals are hesitant to participate because there are no detailed guidelines for non-face-to-face treatment.

[Neighborhood hospital doctor: Non-face-to-face consultations over the phone are very insecure for doctors.

How effectively can you adjust the dose without knowing at all?]

Most of the at-home care support centers that are open 24 hours a day are not yet open.

There is also concern that home therapists who are not connected to the counseling center at night or on holidays may be rushed to 119 calls.

(Video editing: Tae-ho Yoon, VJ: Se-gwan Oh)

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