Former Minister Cho Kuk has been receiving salaries for two years since his dismissal from his position as a professor at Seoul National University Law School (law school).

This is because Seoul National University's disciplinary process has been delayed because it awaits the court judgment of former Minister Cho, and his status as a professor is being maintained.

Today (9th), according to the Office of the People's Strength Councilor Jeong Kyung-hee, Seoul National University has paid former Minister Cho more than 66 million won in salary since January 29, 2020, when he was dismissed from his post.

Seoul National University pays 50% of their monthly salary for the first 3 months and 30% thereafter to teachers who have been removed from their positions in accordance with the National Public Officials Act and Teacher Remuneration Regulations.

Former Minister Cho took a leave of absence from Seoul National University on September 9, 2019 as he was nominated as a ministerial candidate, but was reinstated on October 15 of the same year due to his resignation as minister.

He was subsequently released from his post at Seoul National University on January 29, 2020 after being charged with bribery and abuse of power.

Seoul National University answered, "We plan to take action after the judgment of the judiciary regarding Professor Cho Kuk is confirmed," to a question about former Minister Cho's plan to hold a disciplinary committee.

The reason for this is, "There is a limit to proving the charges based only on the facts of the prosecution of the suspect case notified by the prosecution. put on hold," he explained.

Earlier, Seoul National University President Oh Se-jeong said in a state audit in October last year, "(The trial of Professor Jeong Gyeong-shim) is not a judgment against Professor Cho." I've said it.

Cho's spouse, former Dongyang University professor Jeong Kyung-shim, was found guilty on charges of corruption in the entrance exam, etc.

Meanwhile, Professor Chung's appeals court ruled that former Minister Cho falsely filled out her daughter's internship certificate at Seoul National University's Public Interest and Human Rights Law Center, and that her husband and wife conspired to get her daughter to attend medical school.