At its event scheduled for this Wednesday, Samsung will lift the veil on its new Galaxy devices.

Their particularity?

These new smartphones will be made from recycled plastics from the ocean and more specifically from discarded fishing nets,


reports .

If the world's largest smartphone manufacturer decided to use these fishing nets, it is because it considers them a "hidden threat" to the oceans.

The Korean giant justified its decision based on a United Nations report which estimates that 640,000 tons of these nets are abandoned each year.

This therefore poses problems for the preservation of marine biodiversity because these nets can damage coral reefs and other natural habitats and contaminate water and food sources.

We're excited to announce our latest innovation that transforms ocean-bound plastics into #Galaxy technology!

Tune in to #SamsungUnpacked to learn more.

— Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) February 7, 2022

Soon a plastic-free smartphone packaging?

Samsung has also announced that it wants to go further in this process by incorporating recycled materials from the oceans in all of its new mobile products by 2025. At the same time, the company will make sure to eliminate plastic packaging of its smartphones and reduce the power consumption in standby mode of all the chargers of its products to less than 0.005 W.

All these measures are part of the program called “Galaxy for the planet”.

An ambitious program when you know that the digital sector currently represents 3 to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 2% of the national carbon footprint.

In France, computers, screens, smartphones and connected objects alone account for 79% of the carbon footprint generated by digital technology.

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