Yesterday (8th) evening, the last missing person was found at the site of the Gwangju apartment collapse.

Rescue work was completed within 29 days of the accident, but

investigations to analyze the cause of the accident and punish those responsible remain. 

This is KBC reporter Jo Yoon-jung.


At around 7:37 pm yesterday evening, the last missing person was found at the site of the I-Park collapse in Hwajeong, Gwangju.

It has been a week since it was discovered on the 26th floor east of the building on the 1st.

Rescue authorities assumed that the buried person had already died at the scene.

[Worried Minja/Director of Gwangju Fire Safety Headquarters: I send my deepest condolences to the families who have waited patiently without leaving the site for even a moment.]

As all six missing persons were recovered, the search and rescue work that was carried out day and night took place in 29 days. was finished in

[Ahn Jung-ho / Victim's Family Representative: Thank you for sending the last family into our family's arms.


The victim's family has decided not to proceed with the funeral process until Hyundai Development Company's responsible apology and compensation is given.

As the rescue operation is completed, it is expected that the speed of identification of the person responsible and the analysis of the cause of the accident will accelerate in the future.

The Construction Accident Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport collects concrete samples from Building 201, which collapsed today.

The investigation committee plans to measure the compressive strength and breaking load of the sample to find out whether there were any problems with the concrete composition and curing.