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A group of people who stole virtual currency after putting a YouTuber they worked together with sleeping pills was sentenced to probation in the first trial.

According to the legal community on the 29th, the 23rd Criminal Settlement of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Yoo Young-geun) sentenced 44-year-old Kwon Mo, an office worker who was handed over to trial on charges of robbery, injury and fraud, and Im Mo, the same age, to 3 years in prison and 4 years of probation. each sentenced.

He also ordered 120 hours of community service, 40 hours of drug therapy classes, and a fine of 20,000 won.

Kwon and others are accused of stealing 76.26 million won worth of virtual currency from the virtual currency account owned by Jaetech YouTuber A on June 28 last year.

It was investigated that they handed Mr. A coffee with sleeping pills and made him drink it, and when Mr. A fell asleep, they stole seals and laptops.

In the process of operating a YouTube channel with Mr. A, Kwon and others were in conflict over profit distribution and production process, and it was found that Mr. A decided to commit the crime when Mr. A said that he would quit the YouTube channel.

The prosecution initially charged them with robbery, seeing that they had injured Mr. A, but the court decided that it was difficult to view the temporary deterioration of health due to sleeping pills as an injury, so the special robbery charge was applied again.

The court said, "There is a high possibility of criticism given the scale of the gains," but "he received a call from the victim at dawn the next day and returned it immediately, and showed an attitude to rectify the situation, such as returning a considerable amount to the victim, excluding some of the amount used." background was revealed.