The five-day Lunar New Year holiday has begun.

Today (29th), the first day, traffic congestion on the Gwiseong-gil highway is at its peak, but it is said to be less than expected.

We will connect with a reporter who is out of the Seoul Tollgate to find out more. 

Reporter Han Seong-hee, tell us about the current situation.


Yes, it is listed at the Seoul tollgate.

Today, the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, it was expected that the congestion would be the worst around 12 noon, but vehicles passing by here in Seoul tollgates don't seem to have any major problems yet.

The congestion, which started around 6 am, was the worst around 11 pm, a little before, and gradually loosened between 4 pm and 7 pm.

From Seoul now, it is estimated that it will take 6 hours to Busan, 4 hours 40 minutes to Gwangju, 4 hours 50 minutes to Mokpo, and 3 hours 20 minutes to Gangneung.

The Korea Expressway Corporation traffic forecaster explained that there are congested sections, but the traffic is smoother than expected. 

Let's look at the CCTV and see where the blockage is.

Vehicles are moving slowly toward Seopyeongtaek and Mokpo on the West Coast Line.

Honam branch line Yuseong junction Nonsan direction is also very congested.

Near Mokcheon on the Gyeongbu Line, a vehicle in the direction of Busan went and stopped and got stuck.

The expected nationwide traffic today is 4.76 million vehicles.

This is 1% higher than the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday last year.

Even this holiday season, there is no toll waiver for quarantine management, so you will have to pay highway tolls as usual.

You cannot eat food at highway rest areas, only take out.

Seven service stations across the country also operate temporary screening stations.

Those with suspicious symptoms can get a free test at the rest stops on the Anseong and Yongin Service Area, as well as at Icheon and Hoengseong, Baekyangsa Temple, Naerincheon Stream, and Hampyeongcheonji Station.