Finally .. "WhatsApp" meets the demand of users with this long-awaited feature!

In an important step from WhatsApp that millions of users have been waiting for around the world, the CEO of the instant communication application "WhatsApp", Will Cathcarth, revealed that the public has long wanted the application on iPads.

Cathcarth added in an interview with the technical website "The Verge" that "WhatsApp" wants to launch a version of the application on these devices, which attracts millions of users.

Although the presence of the WhatsApp application on the iPad has become a necessity, it has not been launched yet.

The Verge said that although Cathcarth did not go far in committing to launching an app on the iPad, his words indicate that the app is likely to be released in the near future.

"If you have multiple devices, it will be important to have the app on the tablet," Cathcarth added.

He pointed out that "WhatsApp" has done a lot in terms of technology that deliberately uses it on multiple devices, pointing out that there are two versions of the application on smart phones and laptops and fixed computers.

He added that this technology helps to continue receiving messages through the application in the event that the phone's connection to the Internet is lost, and this will be important for the application on tablets, according to Sky News Arabia.

The current version of “WhatsApp” allows access to it on 4 devices simultaneously.