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A report came from Daejeon that an old woman repeatedly abused her baby Baekgu.

In the video released by informant A, the abuse situation is fully contained.

Grandma throws the puppy hard and pulls the leash to strangle him.

He was beaten with a broom and even trampled on the head with his foot, but Mr. A asked for help, saying, "I wake up to a dog scream every morning."

Mr. A claimed that this was not the first time his grandmother had been abused like this, but he continued to abuse other dogs for three years before bringing Baek Goo.

Mr. A tried to talk directly, but every time he said, "What's the matter, if you're going to report it, do it." Mr. A's post spread through SNS. rescued safely.

At that time, the grandmother said that it was difficult for her to raise a dog, and she said that she was going to send Baekgu to another place after a while.

Netizens said, "I think I thought of a small white ball as a tool to solve my anger. I'm really glad it was rescued."

“Anyone who has abused an animal even once should not be raised again.”

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(Screen source: Instagram help.dog11)