Today (28th) is the 18th day since the Gwangju apartment collapse.

The burial location of the two missing persons has been confirmed within a few days, but there is still no news of rescue, but we will connect the reporters at the scene.

KBC reporter Jo Yoon-jung, is the rescue and search operation still going on?


It is dark, but rescue workers continue to rescue the missing person with the lights on.

Two additional missing persons were found on the 25th and yesterday, but there has been no news of rescue yet.

Rescue authorities are struggling to access the missing persons buried on the 27th and 28th floors, respectively, but it is not easy.

This is because, due to the characteristics of the apartment, the floor height is not very high, about 3m, and cracks have occurred in some floors, making it difficult to use large rescue workers or heavy equipment.

Therefore, the rescue authorities plan to enter the lower floor step by step by drilling a hole in the wall on the 29th floor, where there is relatively little chance of debris spilling out.

The drilling work was finished around 2pm today, and work is currently underway to expand the entrance so that a mini excavator that will be used to clear debris can enter.

Rescue authorities also decided to re-install the tower crane on the outer wall of the apartment by the 25th of next month to remove large debris that cannot be done by human effort.

If a tower crane can be used to search for missing persons or rescue the buried, it will be deployed immediately.

Meanwhile, the Construction Accident Investigation Committee under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced yesterday that floor sagging was also found on the 39th floor of Building 203, located next to Building 201, which collapsed. The concrete has hardened and there are no cracks, so there is no risk of collapse.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyung-soo KBC)