As the prosecution's investigation command system has been abolished since last year, the police have been appointed as examiners to check the investigation process. However, suspicions emerged that a police investigative inspector gave advice to the complainant and leaked investigation information. We have obtained a recording of a conversation between the examiner in question and the complainant regarding the case.

Reporter Kim Kwan-jin reports exclusively.


This is a call recording file featuring Mr. A, who sued an ex-boyfriend at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul.

Mr. A appeals to someone to help expedite the investigation.

[Mr. A / Complainant: I think your heart is going to explode, so just do it until this month.] The

other party replies that he is investigating the case himself because the investigator in charge is late.

[Mr. B: A person who doesn't even know how to write a report needs to know something to write a report. Then take mine I will die, I will die too.]

Mr. B in the recording file is Mr. B, an investigator at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul.

Officer B also advises A to how to arrest the other person.

[Mr B/Police Officer: (Defendant) continues to threaten me. That has to be pressurized. Do it

again.] In

fact, the police later applied for an arrest warrant in relation to this case, but it is known that the prosecution rejected it.

It is also revealed that A provided coin investment information to police officer B.

[Mr. A / Complainant: Take a coin, I will do the same, hyung.

I'll give you a ball.]

In the messenger conversation between Mr. A and Mr. B, there is a story where Mr. A asks Mr. B to revise the investigation report, and Mr. B responds.

[Informant: Even though he is the accuser, the lawyer writes the investigation report at his own discretion.

I kept talking with the investigator while saying that he had to fix this.]

Mr. A, a lawyer, claimed that it was a recorded file that was fabricated to deceive people around him as if he was close with Police Officer B, and in fact, he claimed that he did not know Mr. B well.

Police Officer B refused both calls and meetings, only sending a message saying, "I don't know the lawyer well."

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency decided to investigate Mr. B and the investigator in charge, saying that as a result of inspecting Mr.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Park Jin-hoon)