I wish it could be so easy to catch a taxi late at night.

From today (28th), taxi sharing will be legalized in Seoul.

 According to the Taxi Development Act, which was revised last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the taxi ride service will be legalized from today.

In the past, taxi sharing was a method in which the taxi driver picked up the passengers to be shared regardless of the intention of the passengers, so disputes over fares continued, and in the end, it was banned by law in 1982.

However, opinions that it can solve the late-night taxi riot, etc. continued to come out, which led to the revision of the law.

The new taxi ride service is available through a brokerage app.

When a citizen who wants to ride a ride calls through the app, it automatically matches passengers with similar travel routes among the passengers using the taxi through the app.

The fare is also shared with the passenger, so it is about half cheaper than riding alone.

However, there are concerns that it is easy to be exposed to crime and the anxiety that comes from riding with strangers.

To solve this safety problem, you have to sign up for the app under your real name, and only your credit card can be registered as a payment method.

Also, only passengers of the same gender are allowed to share a ride.