Fans of gastronomic dates say that the first chocolate cake recipe that was collected in a book was in 1847


The Lady's Receipt Book

, by Eliza Leslie,

a renowned American author whose cooking manuals were very popular in the 19th century. . It's been a long time, but the popularity of this sweet dessert has not stopped increasing, so much so that it even has

its own World Day. The celebration began in the United States

, but globally, the festivities have spread almost as much as there are recipes featuring this paste made with ground cocoa and sugar. Biscuit, biscuit, mousse, covered with fruit, flowers or, for those with a sweet tooth, more chocolate. behold

some of the most desired in Madrid

and where to buy them.

Chocolate and cookies, in Balbisiana.


Paula Babiano's artisan workshop is the closest thing to a sweet tooth paradise that one can imagine. The sweets of this pastry chef who had a previous life as a lawyer succeeded on social networks thanks to her home deliveries (what a

carrot cake

!) And

for a month she has had a bakery-cafeteria in the heart of the Salamanca district

. Here, it is impossible not to succumb to chocolate temptation. For example,

the coulant cake, with its irresistible molten heart

, made with 55% cocoa and in the top ten of the house (29.95 euros). However, the queen of the house is the one with chocolate and Maria biscuits, a

reinvention of the recipe for this classic cake.


"We bathe them first in milk and then in a homemade chocolate mousse made with fresh eggs, chocolate and cream. It is covered with a chocolate ganache and the decoration

can be personalized

with chocolate balls, lacasitos or edible fruits and flowers," he details. Paula.

Price: 32.50 to 34.50 euros, depending on the decoration.

Both are sold in the online store and in the Velázquez store, 55.

Eight chocolate textures, at the Oriol Balaguer boutique.


The childhood of this pastry chef born in Tarragona (Calafell, 1971) has been marked by chocolate.

Like everyone's you will think, but no, because not all of us have grown up with a father like yours,

with a baking tradition and creator of artistic pieces of chocolate


And a true work of art, are the cakes that the award-winning pastry chef (Grand Prix au Chef Pâtisser 2018, Best Artisan Panettone in Spain 2017, Best Artisan Butter Croissant in Spain 2014...) creates for his boutiques in Barcelona and Madrid.

Irresistible and even sinful is the one with

eight chocolate textures, recognized in 2001 as the Best Dessert in the World and one of the



of the Catalan master.

They come in three sizes: small, 28 euros;

medium, 41 euros and large, 59 euros



José Ortega y Gasset, 44. Tel.: 91 401 64 63.

From Manjari, at Moulin Chocolat.


Ricardo Vélez is truly passionate about cocoa and chocolate.

Alma mater of this traditional French pastry shop attached to the Retiro opened in 2006, Vélez prepares a tempting

Manjari cake in a completely traditional way.

Its guarantees: chocolate made with

cocoa beans from Madagascar

(64%) and with notes of red fruits and aromas of red fruits and

three layers of chocolate sponge cake with lemon cream between layers and covered with mousse


The downfall!

Price: 34 euros.


Alcalá, 77. Tel.: 91 431 81 45.

Of layers, in The Best Chocolate Cake in the World.


The name of this place, which was opened in 2010 by

Isabel Ruiz-Morales and Iria Romero

in the Salamanca district (they now have a second location with a tasting area and terrace, where they have also moved the workshop) implies the


of the house: the famous cake from the Lisbon pastry shop

O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo


Designed by the Portuguese Carlos Braz Lopes, it does not contain flour or ferments.

It is made with layers of crunchy and honeyed textures,

suspiro and mousse

, and Valrhona chocolate (with two intensity options: 70% cocoa and 53%).

It is sold

in portions

(4.50 euros) and

whole (

large, 36 euros, and small, 25 euros) and home delivery (Monday to Friday mornings) on request and one day in advance (prices check areas).

And, if you are a fan of Portuguese sweets, here too, they serve

pastéis de nata or pão de Ló

(yolk cake).


Alcalá 89. Tel.: 91 5 77 50 08 and Cervantes, 9. Tel.: 91 343 51 56.

Chocolate and dark beer, in Motteau.


From this small corner of Gallic inspiration,

Juan Manuel DAlessandro

has spent almost seven years sweetening residents of

the Las Letras neighborhood

and also foreigners who come attracted by the smell and taste of his

signature pastries

and, above all, by his delicate cake of lemon and, of course, for the chocolate one, singular and addictive.

It is a

moist black beer and chocolate cake

(100% cocoa), which is filled with cream cheese and cream.

It is served in a single size (between 10 and 12 portions) and in

generous portions


The chocolate proposal does not stop there;

They also make one with chocolate and raspberry and another with chocolate and almonds without wheat flour.


Everything is made in an artisanal way, with quality raw materials

and without any


points out the pastry chef. Takeaway orders are made 48 hours in advance. Cake prices: 33 euros and 4.50 euros per portion.


San Pedro, 9. Tel.: 618 93 13 77.

Of textures, in La Duquesita.


One of the most desired chocolate proposals in the capital bears the seal of the century-

old confectionery

that, for almost seven years, has been in the hands of the great master of sweet cuisine, Oriol Balaguer.


soft and delicate texture cake

is prepared with chocolate mousse and incorporates a chocolate sponge cake,

creamy chocolate and crunchy 70% Grand Cru


Price: 39.50 euros.


: Fernando VI, 2. Tel.: 91 308 02 31.

Double chocolate, at Cristina Oria.


This chef and businesswoman,

with a restaurant and gourmet shops and catering of the same name in Madrid

, and even the author of books, is the creator of one of the most popular chocolate desserts in the capital.

It is a

double chocolate perdition,

sponge-type, which is covered with a second chocolate with honey and cream and is crowned by red fruits.

Price: €27.99 (€6.50 a portion in restaurants).

For sale in all its stores

(José Ortega y Gasset, 29; Conde de Aranda, 6 and Juan Ramón Jiménez, 3) and also online on the brand's website.

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