Mexican cartels are imaginative in recruiting new smugglers.

In order to find volunteers to transport drugs from Mexico to the United States, criminals would now use video games.

One of their favorite platforms: “Grand Theft Auto Online”, reports


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This method was brought to light after the arrest in Arizona (United States) of a woman carrying 60 kg of methamphetamine in her car.

Drugs hidden in the tank of his car

Arrested and questioned by border protection officers, the suspect explained that she had met a man while playing "GTA Online".

The two got to know each other, added each other on Snapchat before meeting in person.

It was there that the man, named George, would have offered to transport shipments of drugs.

The woman's official mission was to carry electronic items.

In the midst of these products, a stock of drugs was concealed.

The American earned $2,000 per trip, with income increasing according to the quantity delivered.

The woman also reportedly encountered a second man responsible for placing the drugs in her vehicle.

The narcotics were hidden in the tank of the car.

Tried in 2021 for "conspiracy to import and sell methamphetamine" and "drug possession", the smuggler pleaded not guilty.


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