Former Vice Justice Minister Lee Yong-gu, who was handed over to trial on charges of assaulting a drunk and driving taxi driver, claimed in court that he was mentally and physically weak due to drunkenness.

Former Vice Minister Lee's attorney announced today (27th), "The accused disputes and denies the facts of the charges" at the second trial preparatory hearing held at the 32nd Criminal Settlement Section of the Seoul Central District Court (Judge Yoon Jong-seop).

The defense counsel claimed, "Although the facts are acknowledged, the defendant's ability to discriminate objects or make decisions while intoxicated was weak, and there was no intention (assault)."

He continued, "The purpose of denying that he assaulted the driver, thinking that he would find out in the course of the hearing that he was not conscious of where and what he was doing and that the taxi was running."

Regarding the allegation that former Vice Minister Lee asked the taxi driver to delete the video of the black box in the vehicle containing the assault scene two days after the incident (a teacher destroying evidence), he said, "The deletion was not by request, but by [the taxi driver's] voluntary motive. ' he denied.

As the defendant was not obligated to appear on the trial preparatory date, former Vice Minister Lee did not appear in court that day, as in the previous trial.

Former Vice Minister Lee was handed over to trial in September of last year on charges of grabbing and pushing a taxi driver by the collar of Mr. A, who was trying to wake him up from alcohol in front of his apartment in Seocho-gu, Seoul on November 6, 2020. .

The first formal hearing in which former Vice Minister Lee appears will be held on the 24th of next month.