The Lunar New Year holiday starts this weekend.

There is also the joy of meeting family and friends after a long time, but some of you may already feel stressed because of nagging.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year holiday, a marriage information company asked 244 unmarried men and women why the Lunar New Year was not so enjoyable.

Salary and job-related questions such as 'Do you make good money' and 'When do you get a promotion?' were ranked number one.

The second place was for questions related to marriage and dating, such as 'When are you getting married?' and 'Are you dating anyone?'

The burden of holiday expenses such as pocket money and new year's money, and worries about where to leave your pets were also cited as reasons for not enjoying the holidays.

Marriage nagging, which is commonly heard on holidays, was a major concern that troubled unmarried men and women, but the fact that it was pushed back the second time drew attention.

An analysis shows that the social factors that delay marriage have an effect, and that parents and relatives tend to be less involved in the marriage of unmarried children than before.