Jeong Kyung-shim (60), spouse of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk, was found guilty of corruption in the child's entrance exam and violation of the Capital Market Act related to private equity by a former professor at Dongyang University.

The second part of the Supreme Court (Chief Judge Cheon Dae-yeop) today (27th) found Professor Jeong guilty of obstruction of business, violating the Capital Market Act and Real Name Financial Act, fraud, violating the subsidy management law, destroying evidence and hiding evidence, and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. upheld the lower court ruling.

This is the final judgment of the Supreme Court, which came out about two years and five months after the prosecution started a compulsory investigation in August 2019 in the so-called 'national situation'.

Professor Jeong is accused of forging Cho Min's citation at Dongyang University and exerting illegitimate influence on Mr. Cho's entrance exams (obstruction of business, etc.) (violation of the Capital Market Act) was charged with a total of 15 crimes.

The first trial pleaded guilty to many of the charges against Professor Jeong and sentenced him to four years in prison, a fine of 500 million won, and a fine of 140 million won.

In the second trial, he was also convicted of all charges of corruption in the child's entrance examination and, as in the first trial, he was sentenced to four years in prison.

However, the second trial judge differed from the first instance in some judgments, such as acquitting some of the charges of acquiring undisclosed WFM-related information and trading stocks, and reduced the fine and fines to 50 million won and 10 million won, respectively.

Professor Jeong, who has denied the charges and insisted on his innocence, appealed against the judgment of the appeals court.