A victim of stalking and confinement was rescued to the base of the policeman who had a sense of the crime after hearing the reporter's trembling voice.

According to Yonhap News coverage today (27th), Seoul Geumcheon Police Station booked a man in his 50s on charges of violating the Confinement and Stalking Punishment Act.

Mr. A is accused of sexually assaulting the victim after forcing the victim in his car to Seoul at around 5:45 pm yesterday.

Immediately after the incident, the victim reported to the police through an emergency SOS text message on his mobile phone, but when the call with the police arrived, it is known that he answered to the effect that he had pressed the wrong phone.

The police, who felt suspicious that the victim's voice was shaking, after persuasion, found the location of the crime, rescued the victim, and arrested Mr. A.

A police official said, "We are investigating the details of the incident to see if there are any additional charges against Mr.