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  "I was thinking of going to the nearest service area to charge, but the service area is also in a saturated state, and the charging position is full. I had to continue on the road with a fluke."

  On January 23, Mr. Xu drove a white BYD Qin EV lying down in the tunnel of G4012 Lining Expressway towards Huangshan Mountain.

  It is too difficult to travel long distances on pure electric vehicles.

During the National Day holiday last year, some car owners fought hard to grab charging piles.

In the blink of an eye, the peak of the Spring Festival travels came quietly.

  This time, are the facilities in the high-speed service area ready?

Will the charging pile still be difficult to find?

  Yesterday, the reporter visited several service areas along the expressway around Hangzhou: Shaoxing service area, Yuyao service area, Jiaxing service area and Chang'an service area to see their charging experience.

  On-site visit to the express service area:

  Basically equipped with charging piles, short queues

  At 11:00 am on January 24th, the reporter and his party came to the first stop of Shaoxing service area (Ningbo direction).

There are 8 charging piles in service here, and all functions are normal.

Here, there are not many vehicles coming to charge, and those who come to charge one after another can be satisfied without queuing.

On the other side of the north area (in the direction of Hangzhou), there are also 8 charging piles, the passenger flow is a little more than here, but there is no need to queue.

Feng Bin, assistant manager of the Shaoxing service area of ​​Zhejiang Transportation Group, told reporters that the current traffic flow of electric vehicles in the service area is about 100-120 vehicles per day, which has increased compared to usual, but the current charging piles can be loaded and there is basically no need to queue.

  Afterwards, the reporter came to Yuyao service area along the Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway.

The Yuyao service area (in the direction of Ningbo) is currently undergoing overall renovation and upgrading. There are charging facilities in the area, but they have not yet been opened for operation.

However, a new Tesla V3 super charging station has been built in the service area and is in the trial operation stage.

Only Tesla models can be used, and the charging speed is relatively fast. It took only 30 minutes for the reporter to experience the test drive of the Model 3 from 40% to full charge.

On the other side of the Yuyao service area (in the direction of Hangzhou), there are two slow charging piles that can be used.

  At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the reporter and his party came to the Jiaxing service area again. Eight charging stations in the north area (in the direction of Hangzhou) are available, and the charging stations in the south area (in the direction of Shanghai) are temporarily closed due to the renovation of the service area and cannot be used.

  On the way back, the reporter passed through the Chang'an service area, which is a transit station connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou. There are still many people who come to charge here, and the 8 charging piles are basically fully charged.

A Tesla owner happened to come to charge, and after a short wait, he continued to charge.

  New charging piles in multiple service areas:

  Safeguarding the Spring Festival Electric Travel

  In fact, with the increasing number of people driving new energy vehicles, the high-speed service area is also accelerating its pace and improving infrastructure construction.

  According to Feng Bin, after the National Day last year, six charging piles were installed in the north and south areas of the Shaoxing service area.

"From the original 2 piles on each side, it has increased to 8, and now there are currently 16 charging piles in the north and south districts. Before the start of the Spring Festival, we also contacted the staff of the State Grid to overhaul the equipment to ensure the safety of the equipment during the Spring Festival. Charge normally."

  Since last year's National Day, many service areas of Zhejiang Communications Group have added charging facilities.

Quzhou service area will add 12 charging piles in January 2022. It is the first integrated mobile charging station in the province. A life service cabin will be built in the charging station, which is equipped with seats, air conditioners, TVs and other equipment. It can provide short-term rest services for charging car owners; 4 charging piles have been added in the Zhouwangmiao service area in the northern Zhejiang area, 8 charging piles have been added in the Moganshan service area, and 4 charging piles have been added in the Qingshan service area.

Major service areas in Zhejiang Province have maximized the number of charging piles to meet the demand for electric vehicle charging during the Spring Festival travel peak.

  It is understood that in the next step, the high-speed service area affiliated to Zhejiang Communications Group will also cooperate with Weilai Energy Company to build power exchange stations in 15 high-traffic service areas such as Shaoxing and Chang'an by June to provide new energy vehicle owners with better travel services.