Criticism continues after a figure of a man crawling out from under the median in the middle of the road and crossing the road was revealed.

A driver in the first lane sees a man coming out of the median, panicking and slowing down.

The man pushed through the gap in the median to the end and stood in the middle of the road, and the cars following him came to a sudden stop.

This man appears to have chosen the method of crawling down when a separator came out while jaywalking.

The driver who released the video explained, 'It was fortunate that it was not during rush hour with a lot of cars, so I was almost in trouble.'

Netizens who saw the video criticized the man's actions, such as 'I've never seen such trespassing in my life' and 'What's so urgent?'

Under the current law, a fine of 20,000 won can be imposed for trespassing.

In this regard, there are growing calls for stronger measures to be taken when safety is considered.

(Screen source: Baby Dream)