Until a few years ago, the '10th president', which could only be seen in overseas topics and documentaries, is no longer a novelty.

This is because the number of '10th presidents' who are trying to start a business using their individuality and talents rather than going to college or getting a job is increasing. 

These days, on social media, you can easily find posts with the themes of 'student president' and '10th president' to authenticate yourself to netizens or to pass on solutions.

Their businesses range from IT startups to baking, clothing shopping malls, stationery, and idea products. 

According to e-commerce platform 'Cafe 24', in 2021, the number of top 10 new founders in 'Cafe 24' increased by 19.8% compared to the previous year, and in 2020, it increased by 59.4% compared to 2019.

What is the reason for

the massive appearance of the '10th president'? One of the various factors for the massive appearance of the '10th president' is the influence of the parents of the 'Cool Generation X' (born between 1965 and 1981).

It is said that the generation of parents, who tended to follow other people's values ​​and social perceptions such as studying for entrance exams and getting a job at a large corporation, helped Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012), who focused on themselves, show their individuality, leading to the emergence of the teenage president. no see.

Unlike in the past, when children were forced to study, young parents who cheered them on, “Do what you want to do,” and “Do it if you want,” help teenage presidents grow by sharing their children’s business tax issues and business concerns. 

The fact that teenagers, who are accustomed to using smartphones, can easily start a business through social media, etc. is also considered one of the factors of this phenomenon.

With the activation of various sales platforms such as Naver Smart Store, Avly, and Ideas that support order reception and delivery, the threshold for online start-up has been lowered. More and more young people are taking on the challenge of starting a business because they can earn money.  

In addition, it is analyzed that the reduction in the burden of concurrent studies with non-face-to-face classes due to COVID-19 over the past few years has also had an impact on the increase in youth entrepreneurship.

“Generation Z has grown up watching many successful people through e-commerce, so it’s natural for them to start a business at a young age,” said Koo Jeong-woo, professor of sociology at Sungkyunkwan University. “Overseas entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s Just like the great success of starting a startup, our students’ opening their eyes to business at a young age has the effect of nurturing future economic talents,” he explained. 

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