The mother-in-law of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, a candidate for the People's Power, was sentenced to three years in prison in the first trial on charges of intercepting over 2 billion won in medical care benefits by participating in the establishment and operation of a hospital even though she is not a medical professional.

However, in the second trial, he was acquitted.

The reason was covered by reporter Park Chan-geun.


Yoon Seok-yeol's mother-in-law, Choi, who was sentenced to three years in prison in the first trial after being found guilty of violating the medical law and fraudulent in July last year.

She found that Choi was involved in the establishment and operation of the hospital by colluding with other accomplices, and the judgment of the first trial court was overturned in the second trial held today (25th).

1 Shim Eun-Choi, who invested 200 million won at the time of the establishment of the nursing hospital, took office as the chairman, and made his son-in-law work as the hospital's administrative director while hiring staff, etc. I thought I was involved.

However, the second trial judge found that Mr. Choi did not have a partnership agreement with these accomplices, and that his appointment as the chairman was an act of collateral in order to get the loaned money back.

In addition, it was decided that it cannot be considered that the husband and wife were involved in the operation of the hospital through the son-in-law, saying that the accomplices, Joo, made the final decision regarding hospital administration, such as hiring a nursing home.

Accordingly, the court ruled that the charge of fraud under the Special Cases Act, which allegedly stole 2.29 billion won worth of medical care benefits through the hospital, was also acquitted.

[Sohn Kyung-sik / Yoon Seok-yeol candidate's mother-in-law attorney: It cannot be a crime to lend money.

As I emphasized, these contents are not included in the investigation process or in the trial court process...


Prosecutors revealed that the ruling of the appeals court was also inconsistent with the existing Supreme Court ruling on the criminalization of the medical foundation, that is, the substance.

He also said that he would appeal, saying that the court seemed to have overlooked an important fact.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Shim Soo-hyun)