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Song Hae, the oldest active entertainer and broadcast host, is in the process of being listed in the Guinness World Records.

The challenge category is 'The oldest TV music talent show host'.

According to KBS, Song Hae, born in 1927, was confirmed to be the world's oldest host on the 'TV Music Talent Show', and the Guinness Association recently completed a basic review and officially confirmed the application for the record challenge.

Song Hae, 95, made her debut with the Changgong Music Theater in 1955, and has been holding the position for 34 years after taking charge of the National Singing Contest in 1988.

Recently, news of not attending the broadcast due to health reasons became known, and many fans were worried.

Fortunately, he was hospitalized and recovered safely.

Netizens commented, “The eternal national MC, Mr. Song Hae!

I support the Guinness World Records!” and “Those who have been in one place for such a long time will naturally bow their heads.”