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If you've been dining out in Madrid lately, you'll know that it's not uncommon for waiters to drop their aprons and dance between tables as

diners throw their napkins in the air

to a thumping soundtrack.


trend among

trendy restaurants

has a clear precursor: SLVJ.

The first Salvaje, a signature Japanese fusion cuisine business with cocktails and music, opened its doors in Panama, and later, Colombia.

"The reason for choosing these countries is because

we wanted to validate the concept to later open in more demanding markets

, such as Europe and the United States," explain sources from the restaurant group.


Reserved from the SLVJ restaurant, where the singer Julio José Iglesias recently dined away from prying eyes.

Today it has three restaurants in Madrid, in the recently reopened

Hotel Bless

, after moving from Calle Velázquez itself, in the wealthy neighborhood of La Moraleja, and the

food hall

of Galería Canalejas, also a novelty. In addition to Barcelona, ​​in Only YOU Valencia and planning new venues, for example, in Marbella and Ibiza, Spanish destinations that move luxury. "Sometimes, finding a place you like can take several years to open. We

always consider Madrid and Miami to be flagship locations

for the brand, which would allow us to open a regional market from them." An expansion that has been

evolving in design and environment


"We wanted the highest gastronomic level, but for it to be a lot of fun. We thought that it could still be a more aggressive Japanese fusion, without losing respect for the product and the

high culinary standard

". They encrypt the personnel in all their SLVJ in

approximately 800 people

and this year they hope to double the figures, since they

have planned 10 to 12 openings in the world


"We have scheduled the opening of Paris in April, and after the summer, we will open in Milan and Lisbon. In the US in 2022 we will open in Atlanta, Dallas and Denver. We are also going to reach the Arab world, first of all, in the city of Al Khobar around May,

to Qatar to coincide with the World Cup

and to Egypt, where we have planned a very special location in Cairo."


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Although the capital has a public of all kinds and there are those who are horrified by restaurants that move masses or with music that does not allow you to talk to the one in front, the success of SLVJ is evident and not only because of the number of openings.

Sometimes it is impossible to book for dinner

, even though there is a double shift at tables (at 8:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.), and it is the star of social networks even on weekdays, when it is not so common to go out to dinner. People who visit Salvaje and like it agree that, despite the importance of the show, the food is delicious.

"It was one of the first restaurants to have that show

and party concept

in Madrid and it has influenced many others. In fact,

it is one of the places I think of when I want to have a good time with friends.

It has set a precedent that works", asserts the


Casandra Dodero.

At a glance is the list of essential show-restaurants in Madrid: Panthera, Martinica, Fanático, Quintoelemento...


The SLVJ restaurant has a recently opened location in the La Moraleja neighborhood in Madrid.

SLVJ has

a corporate production team

in Madrid that is constantly creating.

"This team will grow a lot this year so that Salvaje can bring more joy to our customers with fun times."

They are responsible for involving the waiters in these


where all the diners quickly start sharing

on their social networks.

"It is a pride for us that they replicate us and an impulse to innovate even more, so the more they do it, the faster we will continue to innovate and develop the business. It is a business in movement and

we are not going to stay in the comfort zone,

"he says. Esther de la Cruz, your communication manager.

In addition to the spectacle, another of the strong points is an

eclectic decoration

that also calls for the camera of the mobile phone. "We always work with the best designers, always with those who

we believe will give us that Wild DNA

". Among them, names as powerful as Lázaro Rosa-Violán and Ignacio Garcia Vinuesa.

But a cute place is useless if there is nothing good to eat, hence the high turnover of

cute restaurants

that proliferate like mushrooms but do not continue. "If there is something that hooks you with Salvaje and makes you come back again and again, it is its Japanese cuisine with Latin roots, the result of life and

professional experience and the creative personality of Venezuelan chef Fermín Azkue

," says de la Cruz.

From a Basque father and with experience in some of the best restaurants in Europe, including some Michelin stars in Barcelona, ​​Paris and London, on the French island of Saint Barth, in the Caribbean, and in Panama, "the chef combines in all the branches Wild local raw material with special attention to seafood and fish from the Mediterranean, with Japanese products such as




as well as


and some of the most premium ingredients in the global pantry.Their dishes stand out for the complexity of nuances,

the maceration or smoked


Mixology is also a fundamental section.

Borja Goikoetxea, one of the best valued bartenders in our country, is the company's

head bartender

and currently

runs the national Wild bars.


One of the SLVJ 'instashows' at the Hotel Bless, on Velázquez street.

The case of Salvaje, reminiscent of that of the powerful businessman Sandro Silva, responsible for Amazónico, positions this restaurant group as one of the most powerful hotel labels today. "As the next stage, we are creating the first Wild hotel in the Rosario Islands (Cartagena), with a very Wild DNA. We want them to be located in destinations such as a

desert, a glacier and or an island

", they advance. In 2023 they will also be launched in larger cities, such as London, Dubai, New York and Chicago.

But, above all the venues,

Madrid will continue to be its nerve center


"It is becoming a very important leisure capital, big brands are coming and that is a good sign because

you create a destination as a much more powerful city

, and in fact, we are going to launch a new gastronomic project in Madrid that will give a lot to talk about ".

I'm sure it will be Wild, Wild...

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