Controversy arose when it was announced last month that a suspended sentence was sentenced to a man who dragged and raped a girl he first saw at a large store into the bathroom.

There were many reactions that were difficult to accept, saying, "How can such a sentence be for such a crime?"

Looking at the reasons for the court's ruling, it is said that "the victims who agreed to the agreement are pleading for mercy" were taken into account.

This 'no punishment', that is, the victim's expression of not wanting to be punished, is a factor that reduces the sentence set by our Supreme Court Sentencing Committee.

Usually, this refusal of punishment is also called 'agreement' because it goes along with the process of receiving compensation for damage.

Is it okay with the current sentencing standards, where receiving the compensation for the damage that the victim deserves is a factor in reducing the punishment of the offender?

More details will be delivered today (25th) in <SBS 8 News>.