Zhongxin Finance, January 25 (Ge Cheng) Recently, Mercedes-Benz's road to new energy development was a bit uneven. 68 Mercedes-Benz EQC owners issued a joint statement, saying that the vehicle had one or more motor failures during use.

Owners reported frequent motor quality problems and demanded a reasonable answer

  According to the statement, most Mercedes-Benz EQCs with motor failures will display a “fill coolant” style on the central control screen 1-2 months before the motor failure. After opening the front hood, the traces of coolant are significantly reduced. .

In response to the fault, the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop failed to detect the fault. After the coolant was added, the fault remained, and the coolant penetrated the motor, causing the owner to be unable to start the vehicle, and the center console prompted the word "fault".

Image source: Car owners joint statement Weibo

  Moreover, after the 4S shop informed the car owner that "the motor needs to be replaced" or "replacement of the power battery", some riders waited for more than 35 days to repair the motor, which affected the use of the vehicle.

  In this regard, car owners asked Mercedes-Benz to disclose the design defects of the EQC motor, provide solutions such as recalls, and extend the vehicle motor warranty.

Image source: Car owners joint statement Weibo

  There are also car owners who have reported similar issues on related car forums.

An EQC owner said that the Mercedes-Benz EQC350 he purchased in July 2021 broke down after only two months of use.

The 4S shop judged that the vehicle could not be started due to damage to the front motor.

After a lengthy 34-day repair, the vehicle was returned to the owner.

It was used for another month, and the fault display appeared again. After re-checking by the 4S shop, it was confirmed that the motor was damaged, and the time for vehicle maintenance to wait for accessories was unknown.

Mercedes-Benz responded: will develop specific product optimization plans

  The electric motor, the power battery and the electronic control system are also called the core three components of the new energy vehicle.

The frequent failure of the electric motor will have a negative impact on the safety of the vehicle.

During the driving process of the vehicle, if the electric motor fails, the power will be cut off, which will further cause the vehicle to stall, and may even cause a traffic accident in severe cases.

  Regarding the joint statement of car owners, Mercedes-Benz officially replied to Zhongxin Finance that it has obtained relevant information about participating customers in feedback through compliance channels and with the authorization of customers.

At present, most of the customer's vehicles have been tested or repaired and put into normal use, and some customers' vehicles have been repaired and are waiting for customers to pick up the car at the dealership.

In the next step, we will actively study customer feedback on car use, and based on this, formulate specific product optimization plans.

  The EQC is Mercedes-Benz's first electric model. It is produced by Beijing Benz in China. The starting price of the EQ350/EQ400 is 499,800 yuan/579,800 yuan respectively.

This model brings together the special effects of Mercedes-Benz luxury brand and new energy technology, with a high positioning and a high price.

Some car owners admitted that although there are many models at similar price points to choose from, the main reason for choosing the EQC is because of the unique brand value of Mercedes-Benz.

Image source: Mercedes-Benz official website

  Mercedes-Benz is transforming from "electric first" to "full electric".

The quality problems frequently reported by car owners may cast a shadow over Mercedes-Benz's "full electric" strategic transformation.

In August 2021, Beijing Benz recalled 796 EQCs due to the possible incorrect installation of the EQC drain hose.

Recently, the frequent occurrence of motor failures has further adversely affected the reputation of EQC.

In 2021, the annual sales volume of Mercedes-Benz EQC in China is less than 6,000 units, which is significantly different from the new energy models of the same price.

The three-guarantee regulations for new cars are clear: batteries and motors can be returned and replaced if they are not repaired repeatedly.

  If there is a quality problem in the purchase of new energy vehicles, will consumers be at a loss?

the answer is negative.

  On January 1, 2022, the new version of the "Regulations on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Auto Products" (referred to as "Regulations on Three Guarantees for Automobiles") came into effect.

The new version of "Automobile Three Guarantees Regulations" includes the power battery, driving motor of new energy vehicles and the engine and transmission of fuel vehicles. Contents of car after-sales service.

  According to the new version of the "Three Guarantees Regulations for Automobiles", the new energy vehicle will trigger the return and replacement clause when the power battery, driving motor and its main parts have repeated quality problems.

Specifically, after the power battery and driving motor have been replaced twice in total, consumers can choose to return or exchange.

If the accumulative repair time of the power battery or driving motor exceeds 30 days due to quality problems, or the accumulative repairs have exceeded 4 times due to the same quality problem, if the consumer chooses to replace the home car product or return it with the car purchase invoice and the three-guarantee certificate, the seller shall replace it. or return it.

  Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the China Passenger Vehicle Market Information Association, once said that the "Automobile Three Guarantees Regulations" improves the outside world's handling of disputes over the original three guarantees regulations, and further protects the interests of consumers and enterprises, operability and serviceability Stronger and more grounded.