Zhongxin Finance, January 25th. Recently, Douyin Live released the "2021 Ecological Service Report". In response to "vulgar, bad values", "hype and incitement", "script interpretation" and other violations, Douyin live broadcast will be launched in 2021. 18 long-term special governance actions, 160,000 illegal live broadcast rooms were dealt with, 600,000 real-name cheating accounts were banned, and 30,000 live broadcast accounts were permanently banned.

  In terms of the protection of youth rights and interests, Douyin Live continues to carry out special governance actions for youth protection to crack down on inappropriate content involving youth.

The report shows that in the "2021 Youth Protection Summer Special Governance Action", Douyin Live intercepted more than 6,000 live-streaming rewards involving minors, and banned 419 live-streaming permissions for accounts that induced minors to tip.