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While the fact that a woman's genitalia was compared to a 'squid' in a lecture at the Korea National Open University (hereinafter referred to as Bangtongdae) is known and controversial, the Human Rights Committee expressed the opinion that measures to prevent recurrence are needed in this regard to the president of Korea Communications University in November last year. known.

A complaint has been filed with the Human Rights Commission regarding video lectures in the subject of 'Youth Sex Education and Sexual Counseling' in the Korea Broadcasting System for Youth Education in 2020.

Professor A, in charge of the 'Youth Sex Education and Sexual Counseling' class, entrusted 3 out of 15 lectures to Dr. B, an external instructor.

However, in one video lecture, Doctor B said, "I don't know if I can say this in the broadcast (class), but please edit it well later." "The cervix of postmenopausal women is as dry as 'dry squid', and the cervix of women of childbearing age is 'membrane'. It's like a 'caught squid'."

In the process of explaining the male and female genitalia, the male genitalia was illustrated for 6 minutes, while the female genitalia was explained for 40 minutes using real photos of a 4-year-old girl and an adult female.

Professor A posted the lecture video of Doctor B, which contains the remarks and class materials, without editing.

The students who watched the lecture said on the bulletin board, "It is a content that can be sufficiently educated with pictures, but it is shocking to expose even a picture of the genitalia, and to use the genitalia of a 4-year-old child as a textbook." A 4-year-old child is a protection object, not a genitalia model for sex education."

Another student said, "Since the file is uploaded online, there is no way to prevent it from being captured and distributed for other purposes." .

After that, the part was edited and mosaiced, but some students submitted a complaint to the Human Rights Commission, asking that 'Professor A, who is in charge of the lecture, apologize to the students, and the Korea Communications Commission should create an educational content review department so that it does not happen again'.

The Human Rights Commission, which received the complaint, judged that Professor A was not subject to the investigation of the complaint, saying, "It is difficult to view the lecture itself as an act of giving preference, exclusion, discrimination, or unfavorable treatment to a specific person." 

However, we decided to express our opinion after seeing that women were sexually objectified, such as using photos of important parts of girls and adult women as material for lectures for a longer time than men, and used derogatory expressions about the female genitalia.

The Human Rights Committee said, "Even if the professor's freedom of expression and academic freedom is recognized, using expressions or terms that evoke negative images of women's bodies may deviate from the original educational purpose and cause negative perceptions about women's groups." pointed out that there should be a certain management of the lecture videos.

Professor A, who was in charge of the lecture, said, "(Doctor B)'s remarks were an accidental mistake in the process of explaining the process of changes in the uterus. , after that, the part was completely deleted, and the student who raised the problem directly responded to the action."

Bangtong University's Academic Affairs Department said, "In the future, the content of lecture videos, which are learning media, will be carefully reviewed, and efforts will be made to improve gender-sensitive sensibility."

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