Our reporters met with Park Young-geun, who escaped from a salt farm in Sinan, Jeollanam-do and exposed allegations of labor exploitation last year.

Park now lives with her family in another area, and I've heard stories about why this happens over and over again.

Reporter Park Sang-jin delivers the contents.


The memory of living in salt fields for about 7 years still haunts Park Young-geun.

[Park Young-geun / Salt Farm Labor Victim: Sleeping 2 hours and 1 hour a day, people must be able to endure it. If

even an animal doesn't sleep, it bites its owner.]

The king didn't receive it properly, and he said he was always under surveillance.

[Park Young-geun / Salt Farm Labor Victim: I pay 200,000 to 300,000 won every three or four months and install CCTV to monitor... .]

It was a difficult decision to get out of the salt pan.

[Park Young-geun / Salt Farm Labor Victim: (Other workers) ran away at dawn and were caught. So it hit me hard. (I) There was no one to drink sea water, so I came out because it was a chance. It just splashed with acid.]

The wounds on the body and mind do not go away easily.

[Park Young-geun's family: (Brother) Even now, if I talk a little, I cry. I don't have any teeth now. All my teeth fell out. I only have a few molars... . The toenails also get frostbite, so the raw toenails just fall out.]

It is not easy for people with disabilities to adjust to a normal life.

[Park Young-geun's older sister: I said you shouldn't treat customers like that, but I just got angry and went out without a jacket and nothing. I

don't know where I'm going]

In fact, there is a survey result that 40 of the 63 victims of the 'Shinan Salt Farm Slave Incident' in 2014 returned to the salt farm or lived homeless.

[Activists for human rights groups with disabilities: When separated from the scene of damage, immediate medical measures and psychological treatment should be accompanied...


As long as our society does not have a solid system to protect them and support their settlement, such as jobs and housing, this will inevitably happen again and again.

[Activists for human rights groups with disabilities: But nothing has changed, (the perpetrators) are operating salt farms without any problems, and they are still violating human rights in the same way. Please do it.]

(Video coverage: Harung, Video editing: Tae-ho Yoon)

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