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A woman in her 20s who received about 70 million won worth of money from a voice phishing victim and remitted it to the voice phishing crew was caught by the police after a bank employee reported it.

The Osan Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced on the afternoon of the 24th that they arrested 25-year-old Joo Mo, who was depositing about 70 million won (US$70,000) received from a voice phishing victim at a bank in Osan, Gyeonggi Province on the afternoon of the 24th.

According to the police, a bank employee thought Joo was suspicious of sending 1 million won four times from an automatic deposit and withdrawal machine on the first floor of the bank, and reported to the police that "someone is depositing a part-time voice phishing job."

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Joo acted as a voice phishing collector by seeing an advertisement for a high-paying part-time job on a part-time job search site.

It was investigated that Joo met the victim in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do and received about 69 million won in cash, and then remitted it to the voice phishing crew.

The police have booked Joo on charges of aiding and abetting fraud and are tracking the rest of the voice phishing crew.