Donald Trump and his trade ban were successful: the Chinese manufacturer Huawei no longer plays a role in the smartphone market.

According to the latest figures from Canalys, the former market leader has evaporated to nothing, it doesn't even appear in the list anymore.

In the fourth quarter, Apple was the market leader with 22 percent, closely followed by Samsung with 20 percent.

Chinese companies are in the following places, and no one gets upset about their market presence.

Third place is taken by Xiaomi, who have been repeatedly caught spying on their users.

In 2020, security researchers were able to prove that every single website visited was reported to Xiaomi servers in China.

Entries in search engines were also transmitted.

Xiaomi confirmed the data collections at the time.

However, they were sent home anonymously - and finally the user agreed to the data collection in the terms and conditions.

The Federal Office for Information Security recently examined Xiaomi smartphones and found no abnormalities. So the line between China bashing and actual surveillance is extremely thin.

However, a joke of history remains that Huawei was never able to prove even the smallest misconduct.