Oh to find out today's (24th) interest and candid reaction through SNS!

Click time.

A man is outraged after taking a picture of a pregnant woman standing in front of him while sitting in a subway car for pregnant women.


The first search term to click is 'I'm happy' sitting in the pregnant woman's seat.

Recently, an article titled 'I was really proud of today' was posted on an online community.

Author A released a photo along with a text containing severe profanity, saying, "Don't move."

In the published photo, Mr. A is sitting in a seat for pregnant women marked with a pink mark on the floor, and a female passenger carrying a bag with a pregnant woman badge is standing in front of it.

Ms. A took a picture of herself and posted it to the community, asking pregnant women to rate her level of not leaving her seat.

The post has spread in various communities, and criticism is pouring in for Mr. A's attitude of mocking a pregnant woman rather than making concessions.

Netizens responded, "To post that as a brag... You've proven yourself to be ignorant", "It's only some, but I'm afraid of having a baby because of people like that."

(Screen source: Online community)