It is expected that the conclusion of the case of an injunction against broadcasting filed by Ahn Cheol-soo, a presidential candidate of the People's Party, against the three terrestrial broadcasters who are promoting bilateral TV debates over the Lunar New Year holiday between the Democratic Party of Korea and the People's Strength presidential candidate, is expected to be finalized about the day after tomorrow (26th).

The Seoul Western District Court's Civil Settlement Division 21 (Chief Judge Park Byung-tae), who is hearing this case, held an interrogation date this afternoon and heard the positions of Candidate Ahn and the three terrestrial broadcasters including MBC, KBS, and SBS.

Earlier, on the 19th, candidate Ahn's People's Party submitted an 'application for an injunction to ban broadcasting of debates over the invitation of presidential candidates' to the Seoul Western District Court.

At the time, Candidate Ahn made it clear that he would take legal action against it, saying it was "a viciousness of two huge parties and an unfair, monopoly, and unfavorable discussion."

On that day, the court said, "The issue is not complicated or difficult, but there are many things to consider because there is a lot of room for judgment and it is a case that affects the election."